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Hottest 100 Retrospective, Part II or, Remember That Time You Were Old?

I voted in triple j's Hottest 100 2012, have YOU?

For the first time in a long time, certainly longer than I can accurately remember, I actually cast a vote in the Triple J Hottest 100, which is not to be confused with the poll that was the focus of my last Drunken Speculation piece.

I found it a massive struggle, mostly because the bands I’ve liked for a long time (Muse, The Killers) put out fairly mediocre records this year (The 2nd Law and Battle Born respectively). The Killers only had one song on the voting list and even I’m not masochistic enough to bother with a write-in candidate.

So I had to spend a bit of time using YouTube clips to get my picks. Using a fairly similar methodology to my beer picks, in the end I went with:

  1. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
  2. Asta – My Heart Is On Fire
  3. Bertie Blackman – Mercy Killer
  4. British India – I Can Make You Love Me
  5. Citizens! – Reptile
  6. Courtney Barnett – History Eraser
  7. Little Green Cars – The John Wayne
  8. Muse – Survival
  9. The Rubens – My Gun
  10. San Cisco – Fred Astaire

I also gave some consideration to Haim (Don’t Save Me) and, even though I don’t like their work much, Tame Impala (Feels Like We Only Go Backwards). My picks didn’t go too well. I managed to get four between #50 and #40 with My Gun getting up to tenth. I’m not sure whether the aim is to get your songs up there to validate your taste in music or have your choices not selected at all to validate your hipsterism.

One of the more interesting attempts at predicting the results came from the Warmest 100. Some pretty smart guys managed to see 35 000 votes (whether that’s 35,000 people’s votes or 3,500 people’s lots of ten is not disclosed) of the roughly 1.5 million cast (same problem again) and, according to analysis done by Fairfax which saved my lazy ass some time, picked 92 of the 100 songs but only five in the correct position. I’m quite surprised at the low the success rate was given that they had a sample size of a bit over 2%, which is I suspect is much larger than is used for judging the preferred prime minister.

Finally, because listening to the radio for eight hours is an emotionally draining experience, here’s three more conclusions that I couldn’t be bothered to write a segue way for:

  1. I’m surprised Haim didn’t get a nod, especially as they had two songs in the Warmest 100, but considering I didn’t know the name of the band until I actually looked for the song, then maybe that shouldn’t be so surprising. Still I had no idea what Of Monsters and Men were all about until yesterday and they got up to second, so maybe that’s irrelevant.
  2. This was the first time in years I’ve made it to the end in something close to a sober state. I really wish I had been smashed instead because there wasn’t much in the top twenty worth remembering.
  3. Rock’n’roll is dead for about the third time in fifty years. I remember back in 2001 when The Strokes hit the scene with a messianic revival of rock and roll, leading to a decade of denim and general unkemptness. The 2013 countdown, if nothing else, shows us that that particular chapter of music history is now closed, and the corpse is starting to stink up the place, and we have to make way for pingin’ electronic music (again, for the third time), pedestrian Australian hip hop and awful, awful R’n’B.

Holy shit, did I just say “back in 2001”? Wasn’t that like…twelve years ago now? Son of a bitch! When did that pass me by? Actually, it explains a great deal about my general distaste for what Triple J is pumping out: I’m getting old and gumpy and its probably time to invest in a shotgun, a rocking chair and start practicing my best yelling-at-children-to-get-off-my-lawn voice.

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