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#11 Wig & Pen Venom

Tvenomhis is going to be an easy review for me to write. You know, Little Creatures Pale Ale (#1)? Yeah, this is the Wig & Pen’s answer to that. And when I say “answer to that”, I mean its like comparing Zooey Deschannel to Katy Perry. In the facial region, I mean. They may as well have been separated at birth.

However, the Wig & Pen has thrown down the gauntlet: this bad boy is 7%. This is the Katy Perry of the pair and we’re working a little further down the body than the face now. Or is Deschannel when she was playing that crazy girl in Weeds? Can’t decide. This may be one of my more poorly thought out metaphors.

Don’t get me wrong, there are probably differences between #1 and the W&P Venom in taste. If you were lucky enough to have both in front of you and a blindfold on, there may be a few who could pick their Fremantle brew from their Canberra brew.

Sitting there with a pint of Venom in front of me, I can’t for the life of me spot what the differences might be. Is the Venom slightly more bitter? It’s only a fraction of a unit of bitterness if so. Is the Venom slightly less flavoursome? That may be the extra 2% talking. Is the Venom a bit less heady? Maybe.

At the end of the day, you can’t get Venom outside of the Wig & Pen and you can’t get Little Creatures inside it. Seems like an ideal arrangement because if the two meet, they may annihilate and cause the end of the universe. Or not, because they’re the same… so they get… stronger? Damn, another poorly thought out metaphor.

At 7%, Venom loses its any sessionability #1 had. Then again, if you can handle 7% for an extended session, maybe you’ll have both Deschanel and Perry. In your head. While you’re passed out in the gutter. Because you were drinking pints of 7% beer like they were middies.

Enjoy responsibly.


  • Genre: IPA
  • Regionality: Acton, ACT
  • Strength: 7.0%
  • Rating: 2.5 / 3 taste + 1.5 / 2 ancillaries = 4 / 5
  • Plus: It’s a stronger version of Little Creatures Pale Ale. How can you go wrong?
  • Minus: It’s hardly original.
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