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#19 Feral Brewing Company Feral White

Feral WhiteThis is a beer that should come with a warning label: Do not, under any circumstances, drink this from the bottle. Seriously, pour it into a glass or your gut-lining may explode during/post-consumption. Pouring it into a glass will be tedious (I’m not exaggerating when I say it’ll take about 20 minutes) but your digestive system will thank you for it.

Having tried a number of Feral Brewing’s range my expectations for their take on a Belgium style wheat beer are pretty high.

Taking a look at their website, Feral White is

produced in the true Belgium style with 50% wheat, 50% barley and a Belgium yeast strain. The beer is cloudy and unfiltered with coriander and orange peel added during the boil to contribute to a unique spicy citrus finish.

I’m immediately gobsmacked by the aromas on the pour. It’s got that sweet, fleshy, get-in-my-nostrils fruity aroma that I love about wheat beers. The coriander and orange are fairly subdued and I’m getting wafts of banana with some spice notes. As aforementioned, there are plenty of bubbles so the aromas they’re emitting are coming thick and fast. Yum!

It’s an opaque, yellow straw colour. Even for a witbier, it’s one of the cloudiest brews I’ve seen and there’s still a layer of sediment on the bottom of the bottle. Once it’s finally poured, and those bubbles have dissipated, it’s a pretty fine looking beer.

To taste, it’s a bit meh. All the elements are there but they’re not coming to the fore. I’m not sure if the deliciousness and pungency of the aroma has built up my expectations or whether it’s the effect of that OTT carbonation. Probably a bit of both. My mouth is filling up with bubbles and my tongue is being coated with them before those morsels of flavour are even getting a look-in.

There’s a slight bitterness to the finish but the flavour’s limited on the fore; a hint of spice and whippets of banana which are quickly overwhelmed by the carbonation.

Witbiers, generally, are pretty sessionable beers but owing to the excessive carbonation in this version I really doubt anyone would want to have more than a couple in one sitting. Unless of course, you don’t mind burping your way through Friday afternoon drinks.

I made the mistake of drinking the next one straight from the bottle: never again. I wasn’t sure if I should spit it out or attempt to gulp down the fizz. Don’t try this at home kids. I resigned myself to taking small sips until it was gone so as not to overburden my mouth to the extent it appeared I was having an epileptic fit.  I’ve really gotta keep reminding myself not to buy this at the bottle-o. I’ve done it a few times now and seem to keep forgetting how much I dislike it. Kind of a shame since I rate the other beers I’ve tried in Feral’s range.

  • Website
  • Genre: Belgo
  • Regionality: Baskerville, WA
  • Strength:  4.6%
  • Rating: 1.5 / 3 taste + 0.5 / 2 ancillaries = 2 / 5
  • Plus: If you smell it, you’ll want to drink
  • Minus: It’d rate if if I didn’t feel like I was drinking a shaken-up can of soft drink
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