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Social Media: Exposing People Since 2004

legit-excuseEveryone wants their 15 minutes of fame (or in the reality of today’s interwebz perhaps 15 seconds is more appropriate) and in an increasingly connected world it’s becoming easier for the average Joe to achieve their moment.

And the way to get that: Well, the possibilities are endless – get your mum to pay for a music video, tell the world to leave your favourite popstar alone or just have a severe issue with your balance.

On a more serious note, it worries me greatly to see people air their dirty laundry in a public space, being tagged by their so-called ‘friends’ in unflattering photos, and young adolescent girls literally bearing all by posting self-portraits in their underwear. All for the express purpose of getting some kind of validation (e.g a ‘like’ on Facebook). It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there with a lot of problems who lack the emotional intelligence and the social media etiquette to deal with them appropriately.

These young adolescents, particularly, need to understand the ramifications, intended or unintended, of this showboating and the underlying causes and issues behind their need to constantly seek attention. The ‘like for a like’, ‘like for an inbox’, ‘like for a kick up the arse’ statuses are cluttering up my newsfeed!

And, while we’re on the topic of pointless crap: Instagram. Can someone please tell me what the fucking point is? Liam keeps trying to persuade me of its virtues for furthering our blog but I really fail to see the purpose of sharing your pictures of random crap with complete strangers.

Editor’s note – Instagram is a key component of our “appealing to the common hipster” strategy and if we had a company policy, it would be pro-Instagram with harsh punishments for statements to the contrary.

Facebook: now there’s a social media app that’s worthwhile. With very little effort it keeps me in touch with friends and informed of any important extended-familial developments. It also reminds me when my best mate’s birthday is because let’s face it, I’m too busy trying to impress the nobodies following me on Twitter and Instagram to be bothered remembering the personal details of my nearest and dearest! (In case you missed it, that was sarcasm).

Anyway, I’m getting off topic now. The point is there will always be people out there with the emotional intelligence of a toothpick, and legislation will always lag behind the evolution of cyberspace, but education doesn’t have to. Remember having those awkward sex-ed classes at school once or twice a year? Perhaps something similar could be introduced to for social media and the “what not to posts” and really drive home the point to our youngsters that once it’s posted it’s there in the public domain for eternity. I know a few celebrities who might have gained something from having such an education: case in point number one and case in point number two. Need I continue?

Generally, if it’s not informative, entertaining, or life-changing news, your hundreds of ‘Facey friends’ probably don’t care. Therein lies the problem: the subjectivity of those parameters. Hence my proposal for universal social media etiquette education in schools, or, you know, simply reading this blog, because I can’t help dishing out advice on things I’m not an expert on.

But, if you’re looking for something a bit more legit, there are plenty of resources available on the internet. A quick Google search for “Social Media Etiquette for Teens” came up with some great returns. This is the most useful I’ve found. Unfortunately, I fear those who would benefit most from social etiquette ‘training’ are unaware they even have a problem. So it’s up to me to espouse the virtues of propriety on this beer blog.

Look out for my next post on social media folks! It’s working title is ‘Social Media: You’re Doing It Wrong’ which will be an exposé on vaguebooking, duckfacing, and other things that generally equate to being a public nuisance.

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