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Ammo’s GABS Hitlist

GABSlogoIt’s just over two weeks now until the craft beer lovers wet-dream of festivals, the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (more affectionately known as GABS), kicks off and I’ve finally got my list of festival beers I want to try down to an achievable, yet respectable 20 [… for Day One anyway]. So without further ado…

  1. Bacchus Brewing Co. White Chocolate Raspberry Pils – Anything with my favourite fruit and my favourite kind of chocolate in it has to be winner, right? Not convinced, maybe you will be after seeing a pic of the beer on Bacchus’ Facebook page. Let’s hope it tastes as delicious as it looks. 
  2. Two Birds Brewing Taco – As a lover of Mexican food I can’t go past this option from Two Birds. I’m not a great fan of their Sunset or Golden Ales but I’m in the minority here, so perhaps they might just turn me with this brew. 
  3. Moon Dog Craft Brewery (with Nøgne Ø Brewery) Selvmordstokt – Well I don’t know what ‘Selvmordstokt’ means in Norwegian but in German the word ‘Selbstmord’ means suicide and at 7.6 % it seems a touch on the weak side for a Nøgne’s collaboration. Nevertheless I’m intrigued by the concept of a Cherry Wheat Porter. 
  4. Yeastie Boys Golden Age of Bloodshed – Yeastie Boys took out the People’s Choice Award at GABS last year so I have high expectations for them this time round. This year they’re taking up the challenge and bringing along a “heavily-beeted” Belgian blond. I’m yet to try a good beetroot beer however so they’ve got their work cut out for them. I’m hopeful, and as they say, the proof’s in the pudding, so this one undoubtedly makes the list. 
  5. Golden Bear Brewing Ltd. I Peach A – Fruit-centric beers were always going to be somewhere near the top of my list. They can be a bit hit and miss but that’s half the fun. 
  6. Burleigh Brewing Co. Hassle Hop – Two things make me wanna try this beer. I’m an ex-Queenslander so I’m always secretly rooting for the breweries ‘back home’ and secondly I’m a bit of a hophead and hoping, given the name, it delivers on some strong hoppy goodness. 
  7. Wayward Brewing Co Saizen – There aren’t too many breweries in Australia (or elsewhere for that matter) opting to go commercial with a Saison despite them being a summer beer and it’s something I’d love to see more of. As the only Saison on the list it gets my vote of confidence. 
  8. Grand Ridge Brewery The Dark Side of Juniper – Yes, another fruit beer but this time with juniper berries which you don’t see too often/ever in a beer. Juniper berries are what gives gin its distinctive flavour and as one of my spirits of choice, this one goes on my list. 
  9. Wig & Pen with Feral Brewing Co. Pig PenWig & Pen is kind of my local so it’d be wrong not give this one a try. Also, Wig & Pen took out Champion Small Australian Brewery at the Australian International Beers Awards in 2012 while Feral was named the Champion Large Australian Brewery at the same Awards. Need I say more? 
  10. The Grifter Brewing Co. Black Rye Witbier – I’m intrigued with this one. I’ve heard of Black Wits before but never tried or even seen one. I’m thinking spicy, malty and a little bit earthy; tastebuds, get ready. 
  11. Bridge Road Brewers Hop to it Honey – An IPA with a whippet of honey sweetness… sounds ideal! 
  12. O’Brien Beer Black Lager – There’s two main reasons I want to try this beer: 1) I’m yet to try a Black Lager , and 2) I’ve got so many coeliac friends I feel it’s my duty. (It’s gluten-free!) 
  13. Pinchgut Brewing Co. Danish Imperial Red Stout – I was really impressed with Pinchgut’s Blk Plz at the Canberra Small Brewers’ Festival back in March. It’s also about time I stepped out of my beer comfort zone and embraced the stouts of our time. 
  14. Eagle Bay Brewing Co (with The Monk) Cacao Cabana – A choc brown hefeweizen aka a beer with chocolate and banana overtones. This could go one of two ways. 
  15. Mash Brewing The Grasscutter – A Lawnmower Ale: another first for me. Though at 4.4% it’s a bit stronger than your average Lawnmower Beer. 
  16. Sydney Brewery Stormy Winter Morning’s Rise – A single hopped oatmeal IPA, it’s conjuring up images of warming and hearty porridge breakfast but I’ve no idea what that’ll taste like in a beer. Perhaps one for consumption [sans judgement] pre-beer o’clock? 
  17. Garage Project Death from Above – There’s been some uproar in relation to the naming and packaging of this beer but I’m more interested in the ingredients that make this an ‘Indochine’ Pale Ale… mint, chilli, lime and mangoes. Sounds de-lish! 
  18. Thunder Road Brewing Hop Star Extra Pale Ale – What makes a Pale Ale an Extra Pale Ale? I’ve no idea but it’s goin’ on the list! It may also have something to do with the ‘Hop Star’ bit in the name ie I’m hoping it’s grassy. 
  19. Colonial Brewing Gary the White – Not a big stout drinker/fan/I’d drink anything else before a stout, but I’m interested to see and taste a White Stout as compared to the other varieties. 
  20. White Rabbit Brewery Teddywitter – You’ll have to excuse my bias on this one, their White Ale is somewhat responsible for piquing my interest in the craft beer scene in the first place and I’m a loyal fan of it along with their Dark Ale, so any chance at trying something new from these guys, I’ll jump at.

Check out the complete list of festival beers here if you want to create your own list (which I strongly recommend) or you can download the GABS Official Guide here. Happy [and responsible] drinking!

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