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MR | Second Edition, May 2013 (Updated)

f17c251cb9f811e2892d22000a1fb72b_7Last week on our blog:

If you hadn’t guessed, Drunkspec is heading down to GABS in a couple of weeks, which means the Wednesday Feature is going to be pretty GABS-oriented for the foreseeable future (although I might slip a TT in there too).

Anyway, here’s some good reads from other beer sources:

There’s been a bit of chatter about beer taxes in the last week. If my experience writing about superannuation are anything to go by, it’s not worth writing a DS on the topic but it is worth pointing out that anyone who is sufficiently interested in beer that they produce articles explaining the impact of beer taxes is probably not likely to spend their Friday night loading up and going out to pick fights. As such, most of the articles on the topic are written by people who are, rightly, appalled at being lumped with violent alcoholics. Unfortunately, it is a cross we will have to bear until the government institutes an inversely proportional excise: the cheaper it is, the higher the tax. Hmmm, maybe I will write a DS about it.

Update: In a feat of remarkably convenient timing, Matt Kirkegaard from ABN had this to add.

And to dilute the beery nature of MR:

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