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MR | Third Edition, May 2013

IMG_20130516_191255Last week on our blog:

I spent a bit of time over the weekend compiling a full list of our reviews in a convenient table format. You can access it from the menu under #Review. There are bonus statistics included – apparently we like Victorian beers and pale ales. Also, we could use some more friends on Untappd…you know, if you want to.

Anyway, here’s some good reads from other beer sources:

You may have read the Slate article above. The two responses out of the fifty-odd blogs I follow are also above and were published almost immediately after. Funny thing is that I’m more inclined to agree with the Slate editorial – there is too heavy an emphasis on hoppiness in craft beers and too machismo in who can make the bitterest, hoppiest or strongest beers. The problem is that the Slate author sounds like a total prat and overlooks the fact that it’s probably just a passing fad. As IPAs were the in-thing for a year, so Belgian or German styles will be and after that, it’ll be all about amber ales (looking forward to it!).

And to dilute the beery nature of MR:

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