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MR | First Edition, June 2013

e2ca00bccb3111e2822f22000a9f09ca_7Last week on our blog:

Last week was pretty massive with a lot of people still catching their breath after Good Beer Week. I’ll actually spare you the coverage – it’s getting spammy on my behalf – but I recommend hitting up the usual suspects. Now that I’ve written my GABS piece, I’m starting to look forward to Queensland Beer Week. In the meantime, here are the other highlights from last week:

figjam ipa release

We’ve got a FIGJAM IPA review somewhere in the pipeline.

I got back on top of my other news sources last week and Cracked.com was on fire with a stream of decent articles but there’s also the fact that Detroit needs to be knocked down and we can also apparently see individual atomic bonds now. Fun world we live in.

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