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MR | Second Edition, June 2013

IMG_20130525_143603Last week on our blog:

Speaking of Triple J’s Hottest 100, apologies for my Instagram faux pas. On Sunday, I uploaded a screenshot from my phone with the Kings of Leon and a tagline reading hope it doesn’t make #1, forgetting that it had made it to #54 the day before. The offending evidence of my numptiness has been deleted. I’m sure it caused much eye-rolling while it was up. As for the countdown itself, considering last year’s number 1 didn’t make the top 100 tells you all you need to know about where music is headed. Also, Wonderwall, really?

Anyway, here are the other highlights from last week:

The Sessions last week was on compulsion. Firstly, thanks to whoever it was for finally explaining the concept (i.e. a bunch of beer bloggers discuss the same topic on the first Friday of the month) because I had no idea what was going on. Secondly, what I saw – and I read around ten different posts on the topic – were a lot of people struggling to reconcile their beer nerdiness with society’s general disapproval of a) alcohol consumption and b) any sort of obsessive behaviour. By their nature, all hobbies are obsessive. Unfortunately, most people aren’t passionate about anything outside of maybe their family or job, which I think is a terrible way to live your life. So stop worrying beer bloggers: unless your beery habits are damaging your health or your relationships with your family, friends or employer, then it’s all good.

In other news, coffee is really good for you; this guy is psychic or, at least, has some sense; should Australia mine and process something other than red dirt and dinosaurs and should vote buying be a way of determining policy?

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