Drunken Speculation

MR | Third Edition, June 2013

IMG_20130610_122313Last week on our blog:

Here are the other highlights from last week:

And Feral’s Boris Imperial Stout is coming soon:

feral boris

In the case of the mystery “home brew” deaths, it turns out that the brewmasters were trying making grappa and accidentally drank biofuel laced with antifreeze. What do you do for people who keep consumables near poison and apparently don’t label them? Makes that workplace health and safety rigmorale look a bit less silly now doesn’t it? For more information on antifreeze, read this conveniently timed article on it’s use in poisoning murders.

In other news, Iran has a new president who’s hopefully less batshit crazy; disease outbreak affects the future of arabica coffee beans; the future of the American city; science paper dismisses evidence behind ‘wind turbine syndrome’; and Bronies are messed up people (duh)

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