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MR | Fourth Edition, June 2013

IMG_20130518_003636Last week on our blog:

This week, though, we’ve decided to do a State of Origin themed week. If you weren’t aware, the second game of Australia’s greatest sporting spectacle is this Wednesday and NSW might actually have a chance at ending Queensland’s unprecedented dominance, which will be painful to endure but is probably for the best in the long run. Or we could turn it around and trounce the Cockroaches in the next two games. We’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, keep an eye out for our (vaguely) Origin-based posts this week.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

Unfortunately, the running theme of this week’s MR links is influence – both government and corporate – on the boozing industry. Perhaps it is not to all readers’ tastes but it is important to keep an eye on powerful organisations, especially when those organisations seem content to tar the discerning crafty alcoholic with the violent thug alcoholic with the same brush.

In other news, The Age tells Gillard to go; Japan is going down the gurgler; Queensland dinosaur bones (a joke about the age of our Origin team might be appropriate here); Putin nicks a Superbowl ring; the Pace of Modern Life; and Massive Attack v Adam Curtis?

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