Drunken Speculation

MR | First Edition, July 2013

IMG_20130628_151556Last week – that is, Drunkspec’s Origin Week – on our blog:

Craft beer lovers of Brisbane rejoice for I have exciting news. Well, more unverified rumour. Word is that Lion Co is looking at opening a microbrewery in South Bank. The project is obviously in very early stages and I looked online at the websites for South Bank Corp, Lion Co, James Squire and a prominent local architecture firm but couldn’t find a statement to confirm. Presumably, the new microbrewery is related to South Bank’s calling for tenders to bring a “craft beverage” concept to Grey Street, although “multiple tenancies” was thrown around, so possibly South Bank has agreed to a bigger concept, perhaps at the newly expanded BCEC (?). I would speculate that Lion is looking at a similar concept to the James Squire Brewhouse at the Portland Hotel in Melbourne or possibly like the Little Creatures Dining Hall in Fitzroy but that’s just a guess – this is Drunken Speculation, after all.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

With respect to marketing beer to women, I was going to write something along the lines of the last link from Beer Is Your Friend but it seems kind of redundant now. What he said.

In other news, Mark Webber retires from F1Drinking on the job: what is acceptable?Coffee: the ultimate weightloss brew?; Malcolm Turnbull: inventor of the internet in Australia apparentlyDutch cafes still selling pot to tourists; all journalists have an agenda according to Matt Taibbi; and Who knew? The great wine buff bluff

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