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Drunken Speculation’s Semi-Anniversary

IMG_20130619_213026Today is Drunken Speculation’s Semi-Anniversary. ammo and I have been blogging since January 7 this year, writing 102 posts (including this one) and over (estimated) 50,000 words. In that time, we’ve:

  • reviewed thirty-one beers and five venues
  • drunkenly speculated twenty-six times
  • reported beer news twenty-two times
  • been to three beer festivals
  • posted 104 photos to Instagram (our most liked photo is to the right)
  • checked in 101 unique beers on Untappd (since I started using it in late April)
  • started homebrewing and cooking with beer

As you can see, I have a penchant for numbers. One of my favourite things about having a blog is religiously checking the statistics. It’s like checking Facebook: pretty pointless but it kills a few seconds and might give you a tidbit of interesting information. Today’s post is about those tidbits of information but also about where we’ve come from and where we’re planning on going.

I won’t go into the specifics of the small number of visitors we get but I will say it’s growing at an astonishingly rapid rate. Good Beer Week was a surprising but understandable launching pad. May had three times – and June five times – the traffic of April.


Each week, we offer our posts in four broad types:

  • Monday Reading (MR), an agglomeration of links from other beer blogs and general interest sources
  • Wednesday Features (WF), a cover-all for our cooking, homebrewing, festival-ing and venue reviewing posts
  • Reviews (#R)
  • Drunken Speculation (DS), our opinion pieces which attempt to be thought-provoking

In the last six months, #Reviews have made up 35% of our traffic, with Wednesday Features making up a further 25%. We’re seeing growth in Monday Reading, which usually gets our week off to a strong start, but DS posts lag, with a bit under 20%.

The most popular posts were:


People come from all over the world to our blog but predominantly from Anglophone countries. Australia makes up 64% of our traffic, with Americans at 21% and the UK 5%. The non-English speaking world constitutes 7%.

I’ve been surprised with the relative level of American interest in a blog that is predominantly and parochially Australian but it is most welcome and we’ll have to do more to cater for our American friends.

Some of the more exotic visitors hail from the likes of Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Hungary. Most I imagine arrive by mistake, especially if the following search terms are anything to go by:

The Vonu dude needs help. I also can’t express how funny and sad it is that parents end up on a beer blog, taking advice from someone who doesn’t have kids. And I don’t know what a mangobear is but it sounds delicious and terrifying.


Our reviews are the centrepiece of the Drunkspec experience. If you haven’t visited our Full #Review List, here’s the abbreviated statistics:

Future plans

This is the bit that excites me the most. Here’s what we’re looking at doing over the next six months:

Fewer Drunken Speculations. While I wouldn’t normally be beholden to the whims of the masses, writing DS posts takes considerably more effort to write than normal beery pieces and despite the cathartic release they provide, it’s kind of hit and miss as to whether they get read. We’ll still do one or two each month but they’re more likely to be Sessions posts or more in the vein of “This Time It’s Different” or Why Craft Can’t Kill Big Beer. The remainder will be replaced with a review of an international beer (to keep our overseas constituents happy) and more content that you’d normally see on a Wednesday but on Sunday instead.

Changing the name of the blog. ammo feels “Drunken Speculation” encourages irresponsible drinking. I feel that it was a poor choice of name (my bad!) and given that we’re looking at doing fewer of the eponymous post, we’re probably going to change the name at some point, possibly when we get a domain.

Tweeting. This is kind of an inevitable one, which I’m hoping will make it easier to communicate with the beer geek community.

Revising the layout and appearance of the blog. This goal is a bit nebulous. Certainly our photography is a bit shitty and the layout of the blog makes it difficult to navigate but I’m not sure how we’ll specifically improve these things. It’s an idea with a pin in it.

Thanks for reading for the last six months. Here’s to the next six. Cheers!

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