Drunken Speculation

MR | Second Edition, July 2013

IMG_20130702_181203Last week on our blog:

It was a big week for us and I’m looking forward to what the next six months has to offer.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

Sometimes, as in the case of the last link, bad information is worse than none. For example, if your definition of binge drinking is having an blood alcohol level over 0.08, then by definition, even in the United States, it’s not “most alcohol impaired drivers binge drink”, it’s all. The definition of the legal limit for alcohol impairment and binge drinking are the same. It’s a non-fact that helps no one.

In other news, a day in the life of a Tour podium hostessThe secret behind the success of the USA’s Potato Chip Capital; and Don’t say goodbye, just ghost

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