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Queensland Beer Week 2013: a Diary, Part II

qldbeerweekQueensland Beer Week was a nine-day festival of beer with events across the state (well, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns), which wrapped up last Sunday.

This post covers the second half of my week because I went into too much detail in the first half of the week and ran out of words.

As per last time out, the key to the week lay in getting accomplices to events. In this part of the week, I was pretty much unsuccessful but it’s hard to call a week out on the craft beers “unsuccessful” in Briz Vegas. We pick up the diary on Thursday, 18 July:

figjam ipa thursdayThursday

I wanted to go to the 4 Pines/Bitter Suite Beer Mimics Food event but plans fell through. Excuses ranged from “I have a squash game” to “I got shitfaced at the Beer & Whiskey event at the Morrison on Tuesday”. All the other interesting events were sold out but I’m not sure if I would’ve wanted to attend them on my own anyway.

I ended up having a pretty shitty day at work and decided to crack a few good beers from the “cellar” to make me feel better. In effect, I was holding my own QBW event and/or enabling my raging alcoholism. The lineup:

  • Burleigh Brewing FIGJAM IPA – pineapple notes with a full IPA and a good 7% ABV started to ease the pain
  • Sunshine Coast Brewery Rauch Bier – could’ve lived without this one. While this is good for a smoked beer, I’m still not a fan of the genre
  • Bridge Road Posse Winter Ale – still working through my stash of this excellent dark beer
  • Bridge Road Bling IPA – I can’t believe this is actually hoppier than their Hop Harvest Ale but it is. Definitely right up with the best IPAs going in the country.

That brought me to 7.5 standard drinks and passing out in bed.

bling ipa panadol thursdayFriday

Felt a lot better after blowing off some steam the night before. The QBW didn’t offer much in the way of events for Friday, except for the big one at Riverlife. At $95, that was a bit too steep for my budget and it turns out a lot of people agreed with me (as we’ll see, I didn’t actually end up attending that many “official” events either).

I joined my colleagues at the Scratch for lunch, enjoying the Monk Brewery’s The Chief IPA with some sushi. I didn’t do very much work that afternoon.

I had planned to cover a few craft beer bars on a pub crawl with a mate of mine that night. We started at the Scratch. Despite working just around the corner, before today I hadn’t been there in twelve to eighteen months and now I was back twice in one day. Of course, we didn’t go anywhere else all night.

monk ipa scratch fridayKooinda and Monk Brewery were sharing the taps with a quick turnover. I knocked back a nice selection of beers:

  • Monk Brewery Pale – wheaty and a good introduction for the evening
  • Kooinda Valhalla Golden Ale – palatable but nothing heavenly
  • Kooinda Hop Transfusion IPA – holy hopping hell, not to mention 7.5%, which in the context of the evening was probably going to put me into difficulty
  • Holgate Temptress – D described it as “the best beer being brewed in Australia right now.” Hard to argue, except I was still working through my IPA. Clashing flavours would be an understatement. Double-fisting, sure, but a step up from what I was drinking when I last double-fisted.
  • Moo Brew 2012 Vintage Stout – with my wrecked palette, it kind of went to waste but at least it was a unique check-in on Untappd.

mash collective scratch fridayIn between runs to Pita Pit and Arrivederci – because I was hungry, dammit – and talking homebrewing shit with D’s housemate for about an hour, we capped the night with the Mash Collective’s Aureus Chyrsalis, described as a “scotch dubbel ale”. At this point, I was pretty pissed but D has a habit of dropping cash when the night is closing down, so I didn’t pass it up. Served in brandy balloons (fancy!), I could detect traces of Belgian dubbel in the very dark ale but wasn’t getting much scotch, which I think is a win. Cabbed it home around 11.


I was invited to the Hunting Club for beer tasting by S but no details ever came through. I was apparently there to help offset the awkwardness of the eligible Korean bachelor she bought at an (charity) auction but I doubt I would’ve been of much use.

The lack of invitation turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I was not feeling tip-top after last night. The weather turned sour in the afternoon, robbing me of a chance to get some cycling in and would’ve made for a pretty miserable/humid afternoon at the South Bank.

Decided to take an alcohol free day.


Emerged from my cocoon early to take in some exercise. A snapped spoke put an end to my mate’s ride but I continued on to rack up 75km.

It was my housemate’s birthday, so we headed to the Archive to have a few beers, followed by more (shittier) beers at the Boundary Hotel across the road, where we whiled away the evening looking at all manner of skanks. Not a bad way to end a beer-filled week.

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