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MR | Fifth Edition, July 2013

f9e5b018f42e11e2978e22000a1fb9d3_7Last week on our blog:

Last week was the week that a bizarre level of international interest in XXXX led to my review of XXXX Gold being, by far, our most popular post. More people arrive at this blog looking for XXXX than anything else. How depressing, especially as I can’t help but feel people are looking for super-porn (one X more than XXX) instead of beer.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

There’s been a bit of commentary around Queensland Beer Week, much of it coming from a disappointed Westbender and 250Beers. I had an inkling something was amiss when the Archive didn’t use the words “Queensland Beer Week” in their marketing material but I didn’t understand the depth of the issues. Perhaps considering this is the same media company that developed the “The Critics’ Choice Australia’s Best Beers” (price tag: $25), the concept of which is disowned by editor Pete Mitcham in the foreword and is in reality a pamphlet half full of advertising and faux-insightful quotes about beer, such as “What a bloody honour to review this classic beer” (cool story, bro), I guess it’s hardly surprising.

It’s typical of Brisbanites to inorganically copy organic ideas Melbourne had – whether it be laneways, comedy festivals or beer weeks – and transplant them north. Sigh. It’s one of the few things about Brisbane I don’t like. Also, didn’t the Story Bridge Hotel have a craft beer week a few years ago?

In other news, Instagram is even more depressing than Facebook; cycling’s newest conundrumfaith and works at Apple; know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em; and 13 photos that shatter your image of famous people.

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