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MR | Second Edition, August 2013 (Updated)

8d36725efda211e2b4b422000a1f903d_7Last week on our blog:

I’m off to Singapore later this week for a little getaway/work-related seminars. It should be interesting to see what the local beer scene is like. However, that’s why this week’s and next week’s posts may feel a little rushed. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Update: A few weeks ago, I suggested that there was a new craft beer pub coming to South Bank in Brisbane. Turns out my speculation was correct: Lion are opening a James Squire brewhouse called “Squire on Grey” at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Still waiting for confirmation but, based on the rumours I’m hearing, the design program is quick, so construction could be underway by the end of the year.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

In other news: narcissist vs mysoginstjudge backs customer’s credit card scam; the decline of newspapers has been good for everybody elseOne Nation candidate makes gaffe after gaffe (lol); and Adam Curtis’ latest: Bugger

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