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MR | Third Edition, August 2013 (Late)

fed68de0068011e39d4d22000a1f9a17_7Last week on our blog:

I’ll give you three guesses what happens when a few days of partying is brought to close with a sleepless overnight flight from Singapore to Brisbane. If you guessed, Monday Reading is delayed while I catch up on my beauty sleep, you’d be correct. Singapore is a more amazing place than I previously would have credited, which I’ll be sharing in the next week or two.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

I apologise for the haphazard ordering. There’s gold up and down this week’s links.

In other news: something I’ve been meaning to link to for a few weeks since it was published is I Think About Beer’s Belgian Six Pack Project. The idea of the Six Pack Project is to assemble a six pack of quintessential beers from a geographical area which best express the local styles. Typically, this means American states but an exception was made to create an introductory course in Belgian beers. Ammo and I went to Plonk – Australia’s best bottleshop – and I tried to do my best to put the Six Pack together. This was the result:

belgian six packIgnoring the godawful photo, I managed three of the seven beers listed, which is a touch disappointing. There was no Rodenbach Grand Cru, so I had to slum it with regular Rodenbach – like a pleb – but on the upside, it was my pick of the bunch. Blanche de Namur was sold out but I’m pretty familiar with the witbier style. St Bernardus Prior 8 was in lieu of the 12, which I couldn’t see anywhere, and I completely missed the spontaneously fermented/lambic styles, of which only the fruity, sweet ones were available. Nonetheless, if you need to brush up on Belgian beer styles, this is the way to go.

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