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An Open Letter to The Archive

archiveThe Proprietor
Archive Beer Boutique
100 Boundary St
West End QLD 4101

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has recently come to my attention that this fair blog of ours has not reviewed any beers from the fabulous range produced by the amazing HopDog BeerWorks. I admit this is through no fault of yours – as you actually stock some of their beers on a regular basis – but it nevertheless got me thinking about a solution of mutual benefit to all three parties: you and your fine establishment, HopDog BeerWorks, and this blog.

I believe it would be in the best interests of all three of the abovementioned parties if The Archive Beer Boutique were to host a HopDog tap takeover. This will not only benefit this blog’s readership when you give me two free VIP tickets to the event to review a number of their great tasting beers in one hit but it will also help to rebuild relationships with, and the confidence of, the fair people south of the border after yet another defeat in this year’s State of Origin series.

And the benefits to yourself and your fantastic bar, I hear you ask? Let me say, the benefits are numerous and many and very much real. Consider a normal day of business whereupon people exchange money for your beer. Now consider a day of business whereupon people exchange money exclusively for HopDog beer. The benefits to you are apparent.

More importantly though, by hosting this event, you will undoubtedly secure my business for life which, let me assure you, is not to be taken lightly, especially as I will be imminently moving to a neighbourhood in close proximity to your premises.

Next week I will be writing to Mr HopDog himself to suggest that you may be amicable to this suggestion. I therefore eagerly await your response to this proposal. Until then, may your beers be cold, your service friendly, and your patrons generous.

Best Regards,


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