Drunken Speculation

MR | Second Edition, September 2013

ce8c2c2e16db11e38a7322000a1fa414_7Last week on our blog:

This week’s Monday Reading is the result of trawling through 120 sources to bring you the best of the best. Of course, I say that while I sit on the floor of the new Drunkspec HQ because I haven’t moved any furniture upstairs yet. Let’s just say quality comes in many forms.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

We had our federal election in Australia and, once again, it was a contest between two white men over who could best appeal to the xenophobic, entitled bogan (or “middle class” as they’re known in polite company). Tony Abbott of the conservative Liberal Party carried the day, a result that my teenaged self would’ve been vomitting with rage about. My current self is a little more circumspect (read: cynical). Vote Pirate I say.

In other news: Why Nokia lost and Samsung wonIf You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad PersonOxford Boxing Knockout Shows Abbott’s Leadership DriveAnother Seinfeld election for Australia“Australia, Australia, Australia, we love you, amen!” (for the Melbournites); Bee Orchid

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