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An Open Letter to HopDog BeerWorks


Mr HopDog
c/o HopDog BeerWorks
Unit 2, 175 Princess Highway
South Nowra NSW 2541

Dear Mr HopDog,

I write to inform you that just last week I wrote an open letter to a superb beer-y venue – namely the Archive Beer Boutique in Brisbane’s West End – requesting that they open up one of their bars for a tap takeover by none other than your very respectful craft brewery.

Although I am still awaiting a response (I am hopeful of hearing news any day now), I nevertheless wanted to confirm whether this suggestion is satisfactory to you.

I can foresee that perhaps you may need some persuasion, so let me put it this way:

I’ve been living in Queensland for nigh on two months now and so far I have scarce been able to find some of your enviable and high quality beverages. I realise that at present your brewing operation is a relatively small one and it is my hope – indeed I feel it’s almost guaranteed – that with a little more exposure (as per my suggestion above) you will build your fan base considerably in south-east Queensland and, perhaps too, Australia at large. And, I’m sure I do not need to allude any further as to what this will mean for your brew business.

I truly believe that your beers are fantastic and the creativity of your seasonals are helping to stretch the boundaries of craft brewing in this country. Please help me to help you by accepting this offer (in principle) so I can take this proposal a step further and hound the Archive until I draw my last breath.

I wish you all the best and continued success in your venture and I look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, your friend (please!) and beer advocate, ammo.

P.S. On a somewhat related manner – I am desperately trying to track down a couple of bottles of your RedRum. Please tell me where I can get some.


  1. I tweeted Tim at HopDog a link to your post asking for a tap takeover. His reply was “we can accommodate”. So things are looking good. Also, if you check out hopdog.com.au, you can now buy the beers online.

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