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If you can read this (and I hope you can), that means our new domain name service has gone through correctly. As of this day forth, the website formerly known as drunkenspeculation.wordpress.com is now simply drunkenspeculation.com. We would’ve opted for drunkspec.com but apparently that’s already a thing. Anyway, this means you should update your bookmarks, Feedly, etc.

As I outlined in our Semi-Anniversary post, we’re going to be making some changes around here. This is the first and ammo and I are hoping all of the changes will improve the DS experience. Notwithstanding general layout improvements, we have some pretty exciting stuff in the pipeline which I was not at all expecting to come off. The first was hinted at by 250Beers on Friday and I cannot offer any more information lest I be excluded for being a blabbermouth. The other is that the two open letters written to the Archive and Hop Dog have attracted some attention from the powers that be, so stay tuned on that front.

As for our Sunday post?

This is one of my friends reviewing Murray’s Whale Ale. It goes for over seven minutes. Enjoy.

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