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MR | Third Edition, September 2013

9438e140193b11e39aba22000ae9082c_7Last week on our blog:

So in addition to the changes outlined yesterday, we’re making some minor modifications to how we categorise things. The most noticeable change is that except for Monday Reading and reviews, the little tag at the front of post titles is going to go the way of the dinosaur. Also, refer below for a new format for Monday Reading I’m going to trial.

Here are the other highlights from last week:

Australian Brews News – Ascending to Beervana

Living up to its name, Beervana displayed a level of enlightenment when providing the country’s capital with a taste of the nation’s beers, again with small craft brewers and multinational brewing enterprises standing side by side. Over two days, the annual beer festival connects drinkers with beers and brewers from all corners of the country and beyond.

The BeerCast – A look around the new BrewDog brewery

It officially opened on the 19th of January – one of BrewDog’s shareholders cut the ribbon – so has been online for only eight months. As such, everything roundabout still looks new, and in the process of bedding in. Around the back of the plant, a huge open-sided (for now) extension sits, indicating BrewDog are in no danger of resting on their laurels; as if that would ever happen…

This is Why I’m Drunk – How (and Where) We Search for Beer

I infer – and hopefully you do, too – that it makes sense the searches for “craft beer” stem from the Northeast. Breweries in that region of the country grew very strongly around 2009, which means sales increased, which we should assume also means awareness increased.

Fairfax – Pint sized brewer loses fight over beer labels

In a David-and-Goliath battle over the ownership of a portfolio of heritage Australian beer labels, Goliath has won.

The Australian Trademarks Office has rejected a bid by craft brewer Thunder Road Brewery, based in Melbourne, to seize control of 59 beer brands owned by Carlton & United Breweries.

Seeing the Lizards – The plebs cannot be trusted

The Portman Group were actually quoted in the BBC article as saying “National trends around alcohol consumption are encouraging. Government figures show that fewer and fewer children are even trying alcohol and the number of adults that drink to harmful levels is also falling.”  The evidence suggests this is, in fact, true.  But the paper’s authors insist “We believe a similar restriction to that imposed on tobacco products may be justified.

Girl+beer – Accidental pairing

On Saturday I sat down to a snack and a beer, nothing unusual there, and unwittingly found my new favourite and dead easy beer and food pairing – Sierra Nevada Kellerweis and guacamole.


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