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MR | Fifth Edition, September 2013

c12c4be425cd11e3918122000a9f4d8a_7Last week on our blog:

Here are the other highlights from last week:

Brewers Association – The Craft Beer (Non) Bubble

It is much more relevant to talk about capacity and/or market share.  If craft is in a bubble, it is because more is being invested in capacity than the market can bear.  So what’s the evidence?  The BA has two recent data points about capacity.


Australian Brews News – MV Beers to distribute PBR

Pabst is a fairly mainstream beer brand in the US that has come to be seen as the hipsters ironic beer choice. While other mainstream brands have seen sales fall, MSN reports that PBR volumes grew 25 per cent in 2009 with double digit growth since.

The Shout – CCA to temp drinkers with Fijian rainwater (our old friend Vonu)

CCA reports it paid $FJD7.4 ($A4.3) million for the brand, following the $FJD3.7 million it invested last year in the brewer’s plant and equipment and preceding the possible $FJD25 million it may yet spend to redress years of underinvestment.

Pete Brown – The Cask Report

Every year I think ‘how can we do another one without just getting repetitious?’ and every year we somehow get enough insight and data to give us more understanding of why cask ale is increasing in popularity and why this is good news for publicans (the main target audience for the report).

Brookston Beer Bulletin – Everything Old Is New Again: Non-Stop Fermentation

They talk about the advantages of such a system. “With this new process, yeast and other sedimented substances can be fractionized and re-used if required, and “unlike the conventional system[s], the brewers can fill and empty the tanks continuously from the top part of the tanks. The bottom connection of the tank can hence be used to discharge yeast cells and other particles.”

Let Me Tell You About Beer – Announcing the Launch of cocktoBEERfest

To this end, I am going to launch a set of annual awards, dedicated to stamping out sexism in beer branding… and I mean all sexism (if anyone wants to offer design expertise on creating the certificates I’d be delighted).

Crafty Pint – A Beer with Real Clout

And now the 11 per cent Russian Imperial Stout – the latest, 2012 vintage – has been named Champion Bottled Beer in Sydney, regarded as the most rigorously judged of all beer competitions in Australia.

Baltimore Bistors and Beer – Craft Beer Community: Barriers to Entry

It’s been said many times in one way or another that the Craft Beer Community is one of the best communities to be a part of. We’ll tell you that we’re a bunch of happy go lucky guys and gals and that we just want to spread the word of good beer and share a good laugh while we’re at it. But is that true?


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