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MR | Second Edition, October 2013

5b3f2c9233f211e3bcfd22000a1f9d84_7Last week on our blog:

Here are the other highlights from last week:

Brookston Beer Bulletin – GABF Winners 2013

Earlier today, the winners of the 32nd Great American Beer Festival were announced. A record 4,809 beers were judged in 84 categories by 201 judges, of which I was again privileged to be one.

The Drinks Business – Sainsbury’s unveils Great British Beer Hunt winner

Following a six month search across the UK, last week’s final saw 12 brewers battle for the top spot, with B Bock from Batemens taking the crown ahead of Crafty Dan from Thwaites Brewery in Blackburn.

B Bock will now be rewarded with a six-month listing in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

Drinkdrank – Moon-ipulation

I, however, reserve the right to contradict myself at any moment. Dogfish Head’s Celest-jewel-le is exception to the rule. Yes, that’s right, I’m calling bullshit on DFH’s newest publicity stunt

beer bar band – I beer, I run, I beer again

Along with regular running came a vast improvement in my overall fitness, allowing me to enjoy plenty of beer consumption without the elevated kilojoules, carbohydrates and sugar impacting my health. Sure, there were times when I stopped drinking altogether for extended periods, up to 6 weeks, to help make a further significant dent in my weight loss goal. Nonetheless, it’s all part of the bigger health equation of balancing kilojoule intake with energy output.

Zythophile – PBD, the issue that splits British brewing

If you want to start a punch-up, gather together some brewers from small operations, producing less than 5,000 barrels a year, add some brewers from larger concerns, producing 60,000 barrels or more, clamp a steel helmet on your head and then ask them to discuss Progressive Beer Duty. Never mind about discussions over the exact definition of “craft beer”, or whether keg beer is a valid choice for an artisanal brewer, PBD is the issue that splits the British brewing industry.

The Beer Nut – Going Dark

I suspected that the other, super-limited, version of Hot & Spicy would taste much the same. There was just one keg of this and it was poured only for the final hour of each session so was my valedictory beer on the Saturday. The difference is that it’s brewed with naga jolokia, one of the world’s most powerful chilli peppers, but what difference would that make once diluted in strong full-flavoured beer?



  1. I attended GABF for the first time this year — absolutely amazing time. I’m interest to know how the judging works since there are soo many beers. Does each judge take a certain category, style, etc?

    • The quote was from Brookston Beer Bulletin. Unfortunately I’m probably not qualified to judge beer on that scale…yet

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