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MR | Third Edition, October 2013

cc84625a387f11e3b5c5123139255467_8Last week on our blog:

Here are the other highlights from last week:

Crafty Pint – Welcome to Brewsvegas

“As most ideas do, it came about over a beer or four,” he says. “Brewsvegas is more or less a coming together of the craft community in Brisbane – arguably the fastest growing good beer culture in the country – to bring our own approach to the glorious magic of the beer festival.

As an indication of how excited I am about the prospect of Brewsvegas, I actually shared that link in advance of Monday Reading. Meanwhile, Brewdog raised some hackles (presumably once their marketshare necessitates more than 500,000 hL annually, the need for a definition of craft beer will magically disappear):

Propel.info – Defining craft beer by Martyn Cornell

Watt also declares: “What we don’t want, is for them to a create a craft beer section in their shop or menu only for this to be carpet-bombed by beers that are not craft.” What’s the matter, James – afraid that if a bar is selling Blue Moon alongside 5am Saint your beer will do badly?

Pivni Filosof – Friday Craft Musings (also treat yourself to the comments)

You know? I’ve never drunk Blue Moon, but I would really, really love to. It’s been so maligned by some business interests and their brainwashed fanboys, that I’m beginning to get the impression that it’s one hell of a good beer, otherwise, why are those business interests so afraid of it? Because, that’s what it is, fear. They are afraid that the industrial breweries have decided to make beer that can compete in terms of flavour and image, and they hate that because in one sip it brings down much of the discourse they’ve been building all these years: big beer = bad – small beer = good.

This is Why I’m Drunk – Red, White and IPA: The American Love Affair Continues

The 401 entries in Americanized IPA are more than the next three combined, but that may also overlook the extra 244 Americanized pale ale entries that I assume showcase all the hop-forward goodness us patriots look for. Then again, should there be any question that’s how it would’ve been?

A Good Beer Blog – Congrats to the Early, Compliant Entries

Notice another GABF quirk. It is first come first served or at least those accepted. Once preset number of entrants is received, the completion is closed. I recall this was an issue not that long ago as some well considered beers missed out due to an early rush. Could it be that the stout brewers are just congenitally tardy?

The Westbender – What Should Coopers Do About Craft Beer?

So what is it about Coopers – are they ignoring a growing part of the beer industry? Possibly not. There are a lot of reasons for Coopers not to release a craft range. Firstly they have bigger fish to fry – currently the main lines at Coopers compete fairly spectacularly against the giants despite their size. Whilst they don’t compete on quantity, they have a reasonable reach, and can be found in a lot of pubs, despite tap tying and duopolizing (bloody duopolizing).

The Shout – Crown Ambassador 2013 set for launch

Designed for cellaring, Crown Ambassador is packaged by hand and individually numbered, and will feature a limited run of 9000 Champagne-style bottles.

Beer is Your Friend – Hoppy Beer Weekend – Sunday

About 18 months ago I first tried this beer and was totally overwhelmed. Now, I can handle it without any dramas. If that’s not proof that your palate can acclimatise to hop bitterness over time, then I don’t know what is.


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