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Embassy Bar, Brisbane

20131024_193940It’s Thursday night and as usual Friday can’t come soon enough. So much so, that yet again I’m out on a school night filling my guts with amber (and golden, and brown, and black) fluid, so it was about time I popped my Embassy cherry, especially given it’s less than 500m from my office.

Located on Elizabeth Street, between Albert and Edward Streets, you could say it’s location is prime for netting office types seeking their cheeky lunch-time pints and after-hours shenanigans.

Unfortunately, on this particularly Thursday the place was peculiarly empty. After walking inside it didn’t take long to work out why: on a mid-thirties day their air con evidently wasn’t working and needless to say, inside, it was like a sauna.

Alas, the staff were all over it, and fixing it was the priority on their to-do list. From overheard conversations it seemed a scheduled tradie had been a no-show, and so I can hardly take marks off for events out of their control.

The space the Embassy occupies has been [relatively] recently refurbished. I didn’t get a chance to visit the old Embassy but the new Embassy’s interior design is raw, earthy and semi-industrial with its neutral colour scheme and exposed areas of brickwork.

embassy hotel

Their bottled range is pretty decent but, in my books, slightly on the price-y side and their taps presented a selection of mainstream, entry-level craft beers: think Stone & Wood, White Rabbit, and the full range of Little Creatures. With so many taps I feel they could have gotten a much greater breadth of beers. Although, on further research, it appears they have an existing contract in place with Lion Nathan – from prior to the refurbishment – and are required to have a certain number of their beers on tap. Fair enough.

As for the food menu, it wasn’t huge but had a good variety of dishes at decent prices. On receiving my beer-battered cod and chips it was evident they also use fresh, quality ingredients (I’d even hazard a guess the fish was filleted in-house). Liam was similarly impressed with his eye fillet steak sandwich.


Despite the temperatures we were experiencing inside and the lack of people in the place, the atmosphere didn’t seem to suffer too much. We were entertained in our silences by relaxed live music and to the Embassy’s credit, the sound system was at just the right amount of decibels: loud enough for all patrons to enjoy and quiet enough that you didn’t need to shout conversations.

The staff were also friendly and sincere in their interactions with patrons and seemed invested in ensuring we had a good experience despite the lack of air flow and subsequent sticky-dirty feeling.

Overall, it was a credit to them that we had a good time when the odds were slightly against them. I’ll certainly be visiting again and perhaps it’ll even become my spot of choice for after-work beers.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: there’s free wi-fi for all your Untappd check-in needs!


  • Website
  • Locality: Brisbane, Qld
  • Type: Craft Beer Bar
  • Rating: 1.5 / 2 selection + 1 / 1 food + 1.5 / 2 ambiance = 4 / 5
  • Interior Design: Kinda like the Regatta
  • Likelihood of making a spectacle of yourself: Fairly low, it’s not really a place you’d go to get hammered and make an ass of yourself.
  • Plus: A lot of pluses but the food was probably the highlight.
  • Minus: The contract with Lion Nathan.
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