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MR | First Edition, November 2013

1208365_674043855952618_486118544_nLast week on our blog:

Normally, I’d give an opinion on the Sessions in the Monday Reading after. This month’s was quite a disparate topic, which makes a fifty word summary difficult, although I have to say my favourite was beerbecue. The biggest reflief is that I can finally start using pronouns to refer to ammo. Here are the other highlights from last week:

Brookston Beer Bulletin – Reuters Hinting At Possible ABI/SABMiller Merger

With the acknowledged bullet points that “Asia main area with assets left to buy,” and that the ABI and SABMiller would combine the “growth markets” of Africa and Latin America,” they put the price for ABI to buy SABMiller at at least $100 billion.

Yep, Fosters, Matilda Bay, Carlton, Great Northern, Corona, Stella and Bud all under one roof. Every beer enthusiast’s dream, right? There’s going to be so much synergy.

beer is your friend – Sydney Craft Beer Week – a recap

Here are a few reasons why it was tops:

I got to drink squid ink beer: I’ve been wanting to try some beers from Doctor’s Orders for a long while now but I’ve never seen them on tap in Wollongong. So that has meant I have to grind my teeth in frustration as I read the Twitter posts of those lucky bastards who are drinking some. That was especially the case with Cephalopod a Berliner Weisse made with squid ink.

This is Why I’m Drunk – BeerHavior: Rankings, Biases and our Changing Palate

For the past couple weeks I’ve been looking through data from RateBeer.com, which releases a “best beers in the world” list each year. RateBeer has a full archive dating back to 2006, so I wanted to map out what I thought would showcase changes in behavior pertaining to beer…

First, a note about RateBeer’s rankings – they are incredibly consistent. From 2006 to 2013, the “best beers” are heavily skewed toward rare beers that are often imperial stouts. Why do these particular beers rank so well?

Shut up about Barclay Perkins – How to test a beer book

But you want to know if you can trust your beer book. These are the tell-tale signs that your beer book is cheating on you. When it says:

– IPA was brewed stronger to survive the journey to India.

girl+beer – A bunch of brewers walk into a bar

Last month a few brewers from the south west got together and made a beer. If I was to be more accurate I would say that seven brewers made a beer. If I was to be even more accurate I’d say seven brewers threw in some malt, hops and yeast in between long bouts of standing around and chatting and with that in mind the brew was dubbed …The Council Worker

Wonkblog – Big beer would really like young guys to get jobs

But the other thing A-B Inbev is worried about? “Labor participation and unemployment rates among young adult males remain a concern,” the release frets. The unemployment rate for males ages 20 to 24 has ticked back up to 14.8 percent in recent months, and that for guys ages 25 to 35 is still high, at 7.8 percent. Young guys out of work might have extra time on their hands, but rent comes before beer.

News.com.au – Beer drinkers paying up to $200 for a luxury brew (h/t @4HeartsBrewing)

“It’s not like any other beer you would taste,” Carlton United’s master brewer Tully Hadley said. “It is rich, malty and caramel with complex layers of luxury. We start with handpicking the Galaxy hops in Mildura and then use the best malt we can get. And it is aged for three months in the best French oak barrels money can buy.”

Mr Hadley, who also produced Fat Yak Pale Ale for Matilda Bay in 2009, said Carlton United had produced a record amount of the individually numbered and hand-packaged champagne-style bottles to meet demand.

If it sounds like a wank, that’s because it is.


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