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Brew Day at Bacchus

BrewDay2013 - BeerForget Cup Day. Tuesday 5 November, 2013 will henceforth be remembered as the culmination of all my stars aligning and the [beer] gods smiling favourably down upon me: I took a day off from work to brew beer. And, at Bacchus Brewing Co. in Capalaba, Queensland no less.

No doubt you might’ve seen the furore on social media already, which can be accredited to the excitement of the six Brisbane-based beer bloggers who are taking part in the project. Here’s a little of the back story on how it all came about:

Back in August the Westbender hinted at a collab beer between Bacchus and 250beers.com which caught the attention of Ross Kenrick, master brewer at Bacchus. And, from there the idea of creating a beer bloggers’ series of beers grew some legs.

The idea: We each come up with a concept for a beer we want to taste/brew/critique. Then Ross, with his infinite beer-y wisdom, would devise a recipe and we’d show up, to help turn our beer dreams into a reality.

Needless to say, Ross was keen and several weeks later, here we were, pulling up, crutches and all (Westbender had a run-in on the Volleyball court the night before) in front of the Bacchus shopfront ready to get our hands dirty brewing on a commercial scale.

Along the journey to our dream beer destination we were guided by expert brewer Bill who filled us in on all the ins and outs of the Bacchus brewery and kindly gave us a tour of the facilities. With varying levels of actual brewing experience between us – none, in the case of yours truly – it was comforting to know we were in very capable hands.

So while Bill generously dispensed his brewing wisdom and Ross the Bacchus beers, we did our best not to make dicks of ourselves in front of what one might term ‘brewing royalty’. But rather than me jabber on, I’ll let you be the judge from the pics below.

Recipes and timers at the ready. Set. Go!

Recipes and timers at the ready. Set. Go!

Out of my comfort zone on a platform 1 metre off the ground. Geez, who brought this kid?!

Out of my comfort zone on a platform one metre off the ground. (Geez, who brought this kid?!)

Liam reckoned this was hard yakka. Probably is with those cyclist's arms.

Liam reckoned this was hard yakka. Probably is with those cyclist’s arms.

One of our special ingredients in the boil. Ooo mysterious.

One of our two extra special ingredients in the boil. More to come…

So, Melbourne Cup is no more and, at the risk of inviting some “un-Australian” jibes, we didn’t even watch the race. Yet, nevertheless, any and all memories of this day are ‘going straight to the pool room‘.

A big thank-you to Ross, Bill and the team at Bacchus for making two beer nerds very, very happy.

Stand-by for info on where and when you can sample our brews from the day.

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