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MR | Third Edition, November 2013

64deba744ddd11e38e691281ffd27b69_8Last week on our blog:

In the last week, if you’re a particularly close follower of the blog (hello, to all two of you), you might have noticed that the tone of our Instagram posts has changed slightly. This is because ammo has taken over that side of things and will be managing it going forward. I, on the other hand, will be re-focussing efforts to hold onto Twitter followers for more than a few days.

Starting off the highlights from last week, more details for the Bacchus Beer Bloggers Series (#bacchusbeerbloggersseries):

The Westbender – Socialmediafest, or The Day I Spent Brewing With a Bunch of Other Beer Bloggers

I had heard rumours about the Bacchus brewing process, including the use of live puppies in their IPAs (they call it ‘dry pugging’), but it’s all really nothing to the crazy shit and wild brewing that actually goes on down at Capalaba. It’s really like homebrewing on acid.. The barrel-aging setup seems to grow every time I’m out there, with more oak and funk that you can poke an infected stick at.

The BeerCast – Heineken to sell the Caledonian Brewery?

I spoke to an industry insider, who confirmed that Heineken have only a single focus. “They are divesting themselves of anything that holds them back in the global fight with ABInBev and Molson Coors,” they told me. “They just don’t understand the craft market.”

The Shout – “Staffies” are illegal in Victoria

It might be a tradition in many licensed premises for staff to have a drink or two after closing, but it is against Victorian law, the state’s liquor regulator has warned.

In its spring newsletter, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) warned that Victorian liquor licensing laws only permit the ‘supply’ of liquor in accordance with the conditions on a licence, such as trading hours and within the red-line venue area.

I think about beer – Orval Day 2013

Orval Day is an annual event held at The Beer Mongers in Portland, Oregon.  Sean Campbell, the owner, is a major fan of Orval, so much so, in fact, that he considers it to be the best beer in the world.  So what happens when you own a beer shop?  You can have a day to celebrate your favorite beer.

Good Food – Temple rising from the ashes

Brewing beer for a living is supposed to be the dream job, but for Ron and Renata Feruglio the past year at Temple Brewing Company has been the stuff of nightmares…

Highly regarded beers were being brewed, the locals were flocking in, but disagreements with a business partner and Ron having a health scare slowed progress until, in May, they went into voluntary liquidation.

It was a calculated risk to restart and rebrand the business with new partners, and it worked.

girl+beer – Beer + Cheese Masterclass

I spent all Saturday at the Fremantle Beer Festival and left just before 10pm with three new hats and a few new favourite beers. I think that easily qualifies as a successful day.

During both days of the festival there were masterclasses on various beery topics and on Saturday Margi from Eagle Bay Brewing and I held a masterclass on beer and cheese.

Adelaide Now – Wheatsheaf Hotel applies to council to build its own microbrewery

The George St hotel has been whetting the whistle of beer connoisseurs with the work of some of the world’s best craft brewers for the past 10 years.

Now, owners Jade Flavell, Liz O’Dea and Emily Trott hope to receive West Torrens Council permission to install a 600 litre, American-built brewing system by the end of the year and be tasting their first brews by May.


And a couple I missed last week:

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