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#55 Little Creatures Bright Ale

This post is part of Crazy Cellar Clearout Week, where we review some of the beers in our cellar so we can start 2014 fresh. You can see all the beers we’ve reviewed in 2013 here.

little creatures bright ale

Bright Ale is one of the staple offerings from the Fremantle-based, Lion-owned Little Creatures brewery. I haven’t had Bright Ale since I was able to tell the difference between that and the Pale Ale – one of my favourite beers – which was a good number of years ago.

The website reads:

This bright filtered ale (see, there is something in a name…) takes inspiration from both the new and old worlds of brewing. It may be a hybrid ale in origin, but we like to think of it as the creation of a truly Australian style ale.

Using four gentle malts including Pale, Carapils, Munich and Vienna and whole hop flowers, this beer is clean, crisp and refreshingly balanced.

In appearance, I found the Bright Ale to be quite a good looking beer. It pours well and generates a nice, fluffy white head off the back of some solid carbonation. It’s a darker straw colour and clear as a bell, if that simile were to apply visually and not acoustically.

The aroma, if you can find any, is that of wet grain and it’s not a smell I particularly enjoy. It’s reminiscent of mass produced beers rather than the ostensibly hand crafted craft beer that Little Creatures is known for. Disappointing would be an understatement.

The taste is equally disappointing. I don’t see much flavour coming through here. There’s some maltiness and I guess this is in line with the style, which imitates some of the older English beers. A bit of bitterness underlies and the finish is dry. Overally, a very typical beer with no real personality.

With the Pale Ale, the excellent Rogers and now the IPA in their stable, it’s not hard to see why the Bright Ale gets overlooked. 


  • Website
  • Genre: Pale ale
  • Regionality: Fremantle, WA
  • Strength: 4.5%
  • Rating: 1 / 3 taste + 1.5 / 2 ancillaries = 2.5 / 5
  • Plus: Looks good
  • Minus: No personality

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  1. I reckon they’ve changed the recipe. I can remember trying this a few years ago and finding it gave off lots of fruity aroma and flavour. I tried it again last year and had the same response as you.
    Something has to have been changed.

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