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MR | Fourth Edition, November 2013

1dcdbb64529011e392aa125441224967_8Last week on our blog:

If you didn’t get quite the thrust of my unusually verbose post, let me explain in the context of this:

Red Duck is firmly entrenched in the third circle, unable to see past a craft = good, macro = bad dichotomy. Based on my experiences over the last 12 months, I can firmly say that craft does not necessarily mean good and Little Creatures continues to rock. Judge a beer on what it is, not the marketing. As you’ll see below, that was a bit of a recurring theme this week.

Back to our blog, we’re getting on towards the end of the year. ammo and I have agreed we have two more weeks of blogging in us before we go on hiatus over the Christmas break. Before then, this week is Crazy Cellar Clearout Week (#crazycellarclearoutweek). We want to get rid of all of the beers we’ve accumulated over the last year and start 2014 afresh. So we’re going to knock-out a review each day, which is not really representative of how many beers we have to clear out but it’s the best we can do.

In other news:

Fortitude announced a new beer:

Which I will be getting on as soon as I kick this dreaded hangover.

Beer is your friend – Devil Dodger and drinking the label

I’ve also seen some beer geeks feel guilty for liking Devil Dodger. But really, there’s nothing to feel guilty about, you’re simply taking the beer on its merits. To me that’s far better than operating by some rule that says that all craft beer is great and all mainstream beer is crap.

Craig Heap – Defining craft beer through the ages

1593 AD: After a heavy drinking session in a London pub, Christopher Marlowe loudly declares the definition of craft beer. Moments later he is stabbed to death.

Ed’s Beer Site – Blue Fucking Moon Blues

Pah. I finally got round to starting my considered response to the comedy gold about defining craft beer on the Brewdog blog today and I found it’s been changed. Blue Fucking Moon is not to be seen. The drivel from Greg Koch is still there (does he really believe this stuff?) but it’s just not the same. It’s like finding your favourite brewery is now 26% owned by an alcoholic beverage industry member who is not themselves a craft brewer.

For more Brewdog bullshit, check out UnEquity for Punks.

The Shout – CCA unveils Blue Moon to trade

Molson Coors and Coca-Cola Amatil executives introduced publicans to the Blue Moon craft beer range this week, as CCA reaffirmed its ambitions for its December 17 re-entry into beer and cider.

A Good Beer Blog – Making Money Hand Over Fist in Ozzie

Now that’s what I call a happy guy. See, he’s being honest. He’s looking forward to making a bundle of cash. No pretence of passion? Notice how folk don’t have to be passionate about making money? It needs no explaining. Which is what a lot of people in beer thing do. Goose. Egg. Golden.

Brookston Beer Bulletin – Since When Is Being Uninhibited a Disease?

But look at the biggest one on the bottle, just below “liver disease.” Disinhibition? WTF? Since when is loosening up and not being such a tight-ass a disease that not only rivals brain damage, but given its prominent position on the bottle and the size of the type, appears to be one of the worst problems they associate with drinking.

Pete Brown – Sir Ian Gilmore and Alcohol Concern are lying to us and damaging our understanding of alcohol related health issues

In this speech he cites a ‘meteoric’ rise in deaths by liver disease, and we are told that alcohol-related hospital admissions are at an all-time high. The article also mentions a 2011 study showing that 30% of boys and 25% of girls claim to have been drunk in the last thirty days.

This all seems very clear. Except it isn’t.

Baltimore Bistros and Beer – I like beer but not that much

I want to go drink the beer. I want to go eat the food you’re pairing it with. I want to inject myself into the beer geek culture and talk shop with fellow lovers of the libation. But damn, I’m not doing it at the prices you’re asking. And as an old school fellow who likes to pay for his date (especially dates that are 51+% for my enjoyment) I really can’t afford to attend these events. And that my friends, SUCKS.


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