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Ammo’s Year in Beer (5 Favourite Beer Things 2013)

5df04a7445af11e3ac5122000a9f14f8_8What a year 2013 was for us here at drunkspec! And while it was a pleasure and an absolute privilege to write for this blog and our steadily growing number of followers, I can honestly say our Christmas hiatus was very much needed. This time off from our busy scheduling of posts gave us a chance to reflect, re-group and then gear up for drunkspec 2014.

This was supposed to be my final post for 2013 but alas, sometimes my paying job gets in the way of things. So although somewhat belated, here are my top five beer-related things, in no particular order, for 2013:

#1 Making a Commercial Beer

As if this wasn’t going to make the list! If you’d told me last January that by year’s end I’d have a collaborative beer on tap at an actual bar I’d have laughed in your face. Who’d have thought that getting a beer on tap would precede us getting any beer freebies in the mail?! (hint, hint)

In all seriousness though, going out to Bacchus to brew with a bunch of other bloggers – who were possibly even more enthusiastic than I was – leads to the next of my top five.

GABS hall#2 The People, The Places

It’s not my intention to get all mushy mushy but between the neverending search for new beers, “research” requirements for posts, and my on-going ‘awakening’ to all things craft beer, I’ve been to some places and events I wouldn’t have considered going to otherwise.

On this journey and at these events, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting an abundance of interesting characters and genuine folk who I have much in common with. And, as someone who is – for want of a better description – introverted as fuck, it’s undoubtedly been a good thing for me. There’s something to be said for being in the company of those who “get you” and who love nothing more than to prattle on about all things beer. Needless to say I’ve learnt a lot from said company and the abundance of beery conversations I’ve been a part of this year.

#3 Beer Diversity

My awakening to craft beer has kind of been two-fold. 2012 was the first phase, initially commencing when I realised White Rabbite White Ale was one of the most delicious beers to ever cross my palate. I’ve come a long way since then, and 2013 has seen my palate broaden along with my keenness for trying new things and tempting fate with beers I screw my nose up at the very notion of – think Murray’s Auld Bulgin’ Boysterous Bicep, BrewCult’s Acid Freaks and Bacchus’ Crayfish Saison.

Diversity makes it to the list because this is what keeps beer interesting and if that’s not what craft beer is about, I don’t know what is. While I think it’s important to have a core range, seasonals and one-offs are what keep the punters and beer nerds like myself interested and I’m really admiring the brewers and breweries that are pushing the boundaries.

#4 Good Beer Week

This year it was really Good Beer Week in Melbourne and more specifically GABS that opened my eyes to all of the wondrous things you can do with and add to beer. While GABS is no doubt the headline act, the other events that make up Good Beer Week ensure it’s the premier beer event in Australia and the one that beer nerds residing elsewhere in the country will happily fork out for flights and accommodation to attend; which is exactly what I intend on doing this year.

DrunkenSpec_Logo_Portrait_WithoutSlogan#5 Getting hobby business cards before getting real job ones

Yep, with drunkspec’s re-branding in December last year and my apparent inability to climb the corporate ladder, I effectively found myself with a wad of drunkspec business cards ready to hand out to unsuspecting folk all before reaching a sufficient station in the workplace requiring me to give my contact details out to stakeholders. Just living the Aussie dream!

So there you have it folks, my top 5 of 2013. Let’s hope 2014 is just as more awesome!

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