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#63 Yandina Brewing Goofy Foot Bitter Ale

yandina brewing goofy foot bitter aleYandina Brewing Company is really hard to find information about. There’s not much on Google, except for a couple of social media pages. I clicked through and found a profile, which implied that it was associated with a wine store in Fortitude Valley. I think I emailed the right person but I didn’t receive a response.

I was looking for a bit of context, like where Goofy Foot is brewed. The side of the bottle only lists a postal box number and that suggests that Yandina Brewing is contract brewed (in Redlands, according to 250 Beers). I discovered on Facebook that it’s a follow-up to a reasonably popular ginger beer, hence “Ginjanuts” I guess.

ammo found this specimen at our local Thirsty Camel. According to the shopkeep, it’s been quite popular of late. An abbreviated quote of the bottle copy reads:

Ginjanuts “Goofy Foot Lager” may also be a little “different”…instead of using conventional ingredients such as malt and barley, we have used non gluten products to achieve a well balanced flavoursome and very drinkable bitter ale.

Some readers will have spotted the yeasty gaffe. I get that Goofy Foot is supposed to be different but mixing up species of Saccharomyces is a rookie error. This does not bode well.

Goofy Foot is a pale straw colour with a column of suspended particles, giving it a sandy appearance I’m nearly certain it shouldn’t have. The head retention is poor with a big, initial foamy head quickly dissipating into a thin white ring. There’s a light hop aroma with yeast spiciness overlaid on the top, which is not right in a bitter ale/lager.

My worst fears are confirmed on taking a sip. There’s a distinct flavour of band-aids. Really distinct, to the point that it’s an enormous struggle to convince myself to swallow. I don’t drain pour beer lightly – unless it’s one of my homebrew disasters – and I won’t this time because I’m devoted to my art (you’re welcome).

At least, I wasn’t going to ditch Goofy Foot until some bugs decided to commit suicide in my glass.

The medicinal tang is caused by chlorophenols, which is something I’ll discuss more in a separate post tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a reassuring quote from Wikipedia, “Chlorophenols are commonly used as pesticides, herbicides, and disinfectants.”

This is actually our third crack at this beer. I wanted to be certain that it wasn’t a one-off before I started throwing around accusations. However, to get band-aids from three bottles is inexcusable. I originally thought that if you could just get through the phenolic mess, you’d find a half decent beer. That may still be true but Goofy Foot Bitter Ale should never have been released to the market in this state.

Save your money.


  • N/A
  • Genre: Pale ale
  • Regionality: Yandina, QLD
  • Strength: 4.5%
  • Rating: 0 / 3 taste + 0 / 2 ancillaries = 0 / 5
  • Plus: The next batch might be OK
  • Minus: Golden Gun ring any bells?


  1. LifeandTimesofCB

    “According to the shopkeep, it’s been quite popular of late.” – from your review I can only assume it’s been popular with people who have either never drunk beer before and believe that this is how it tastes, or, more likely, people who are ginger and are therefore drawn like a magnet to anything that glorifies their redheadedness.

    • I assumed popular meant selling frequently, not repeat buyers. As for the ginger magnet, that may be a factor in why ammo bought it in the first place.

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  3. tom

    Please please let me know what other gluten free beers you have tried that are good or even better. There are so few available and most of them are much much worse. I get that you are comparing this to regular beers but for those that cant have gluten, this is an amazing local option and I hope they keep brewing. I suspect your knowledge of this disease is minimal and hence your scathing review but I would bet that is the market being targeted here.

  4. Ray

    This brand and others is run by a bit of a shock in the business. Creating these drinks and others and not paying suppliers and or floating his business by exploiting the vulnerable.

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