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SEQBeers – MT Brewery

mt brewery logoMT Brewery is situated at the top of Mount Tamborine (the MT is short for Mount Tamborine) on Long Road, about halfway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Established in 2008 by local business magnate Andre Morris, MT has 2400L of ex-Bluetongue equipment located at the end of a breezey, high roofed timber structure – a perfect location for a couple of beers on a summery Sunday afternoon. The rotating beer list of six or so beers is made with all the typical words you associate with small scale craft beer.

MT has recently been in the news courtesy of being bought out by fellow Tamborine brewers, Fortitude Brewing Company. The brewery has been on the market for a while and its only natural that Fortitude, a rapidly rising brewery, would take a keen interest in the additional capacity and bottling line, located less than a kilometre from their current base. The brewery complex, which was also home to a restaurant (h/t @BeermasterDave) and still is for a cheese shop, is in the middle of the main village and will be a great cellar door for Fortitude, whose current facility is not open to the public.

The beer selection presented in this edition of SEQBeers is a bit truncated, mostly limited to tasters because we had business to attend to that afternoon and its not convenient to stop in regularly. There are other regular beers on the seven taps but if you really want to try them, you’ll need to get in quick before Fortitude begin production. And no, there’s no takeaways.

mt brewery belgian blondeCuvee Belgian Blonde

  • Belgian blonde ale
  • 5.2%
  • Refreshment: A-
  • Identity: D
  • Taste: B
  • Ancillaries: B
  • SEQBeers Score: 71

The Cuvee Belgian Blonde has a thin body with a clear golden colour and light carbonation. Cuvee is a clean tasting, almost pilsner-like beer. With a dank smell of hops, this bursts through on the fore-taste and is washed away on a tide of pale malts.

This was my surprise pick of the bunch. While it’s probably off-style for a Belgian blonde and wouldn’t compare favourably to Duvel or its kin, for me it works as a sessionable, rainforesty pale ale. And that’s all I was after.

mt brewery english bitterMountain Bitter

  • English pale ale
  • 5.0%
  • Refreshment: B
  • Identity: C+
  • Taste: C+
  • Ancillaries: B
  • SEQBeers Score: 71

Presumably named after the mountain that the brewery is situated on, Mountain Bitter was a paler yellow than would be expected for what I gather is meant to be an English pale ale. It has pretty decent head retention with light carbonation with small bubbles. The first taste brings a solid whack of toffee with the second bringing a very hoppy biterness from an Old World hop selection. The aftertaste is dry with a lingering mild bitterness.

I’m not really sold on this beer. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it but nothing particularly special either.

mt brewery yippy ipaYippy IPA

  • English IPA
  • 6.0%
  • Refreshment: C
  • Identity: D
  • Taste: C
  • Ancillaries: C
  • SEQBeers Score: 53

Yippy IPA: surely that has to be a reference to Die Hard (yippy-ki-yay motherfucker)?

I didn’t think too much of this English style IPA. There’s a touch of citrus on the nose but not much. It’s clear, a lighter gold than expected, but it’s a phrase I’ve used twice now so it must have been less of a surprise this time around.

The bitterness is strong and makes use of Galaxy hops [citation needed] but not much in the way of aroma. Yippy IPA is not as thick as many IPAs on the market but noticeably heavier than the other beers here.

It’s unfortunate that we’re losing a brewery but I think we’ll gain so much more from Fortitude expanding operations and beginning bottling that its a net gain to south-east Queensland.

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