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Board Game Review – Beer Nerd

Beer NerdIt’s taken me a while to jump on the online shopping bandwagon but now that I have it’s becoming a dangerous, or should I say expensive, way to kill a spare few moments here and there. While shopping for things I actually need I inevitably stumble across things that I want but by no means require, and it was in one of these virtual stores that I happened across this board game screaming at me to buy it.

Immediately struck by the name I investigated a little further, and at a relatively decent price, I threw caution to the wind and my credit card details at a little ol’ website called modcloth.com.

My present to yours truly arrived at my door a week later and I eagerly unwrapped it, read through the rules, and pondered the day battle would commence.

Essentially, it’s a game of beer trivia with a bit of luck [read: die rolling] thrown in. Each turn players must answer a beer-related, multiple choice question correctly before progressing around the board. There’s also a blind beer tasting component. Before play commences, players must take tasting notes on three beers – preferably of the same style – and remember the beer’s name, origin and a chosen ‘buzz word’. If a player lands on a Blind Tasting square, an opponent chooses one of the beers and the player must correctly identify its abovementioned specs to move forward additional places on the board.

Sound easy? Well, you’d be forgiven for being mistaken. Despite being multiple choice, most of the questions were quite tricky and/or nerdy while others were deliberately deceptive. Then there’s the Blind Tasting which I was confident I had it in the bag. Alas, the beers (we used three American pale ales) were much harder to discern when served alone than when they all appeared together with their distinct colour degradation, carbonation and head retention factors. Crushed.

After incorrectly guessing the majority of our questions and having only progressed around the first corner of the board, we threw in the towel and decided to drink the beers rather than wait for them to get hot and nasty.

The Bonus and Challenge cards add a layer of strategy and raise the fun factor by a smidge, but the game really suffers from the disjointedness that the question-asking-before-moving creates. It quickly becomes nothing more than a round robin of questions, especially if no one can answer correctly.

That said, I’ll give it another burl. I genuinely want to like and enjoy this game as I think it has uncapped educational potential. (I’m not an avid reader so I’ve gotta learn new things by other means). We all learnt something new that day – in addition to the realisation that we know eff all about beer.


  • Website
  • Genre: Board Game
  • Regionality: United States
  • Plus: You’ll learn a lot of (probably useless) facts about beer that you didn’t know before.
  • Minus: Too much asking questions and not enough game play.


    • Or we could’ve just kept the beers in the fridge while we played. A heavier beer would possibly make it more fun.

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