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MR | Fourth Edition, March 2014 – Brewsvegas is here / Noisy Minor Shout

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week on Drunken Speculation, ammo reviewed a board game for beer nerds and I reviewed/lavished praise upon the Mountain Goat IPA.

After much fanfare, Brewsvegas has finally arrived, kicking off (for me at least) yesterday at Kerbside. For the week ahead, my timetable is nearing completion:

Saturday has an asterisk next to it because I’m not sure if I’ll last that long. Unlike the other bloggers, I’ll be going to my day job this week, so I won’t have time to visit two dozen events, although I’ll do my best to fight fatigue and hangovers and at least get to the above.

I’m not planning on writing much as I go next week, so if you want to be kept up-to-date with what’s happening in Brewsvegas, check out our Facebook page. It will be business as usual on the blog too.

To Tweet of the Week!

This guy. Jason from Brews and Bacon decided to take a duckface selfie at each of the venues on this year’s Noisy Minor Shout, for which we were very fortunate to receive an invite. Noisy Minor is the single batch brand for Fortitude Brewing, whose recent acquisition at Mount Tamborine means big things are in store for these guys this year and they wanted people to know that. Hence the pub crawl.

We started on Saturday afternoon at the Scratch and had two new Noisy Minor beers there and then at Bitter Suite, Tippler’s Tap (thanks for the food, guys, perfectly timed!) and the Archive. The beers were a challenging bunch, with inspirations including the Negroni cocktail, rogan josh curry and, crazily enough, an on-style Baltic porter with nothing weird added. My picks on the day were the Bellini, a peach sour wheat ale, and Admiral Ackbar, an anti-imperial red ale. Much to my shame, I couldn’t think of a single “It’s a trap!” pun. There’s more on Facebook.

So what did others have to say last week?

250 Beers – Hair today, gone tomorrow

So, how much did we raise all up? Well, our grand total was over $5,500. Elation just about describes the feeling. Mark and I set out to raise $1,000 initially so I’m sure you’ll understand how we feel about smashing that figure by more than fives times!

Top work, Darren, Mark, Luke, Brendan and Jarrett!

My City Life – Bacchus Brewing Co talks Beer and Brewsvegas

While The City continues to get all artisan in daily lifestyle, craft beer has certainly lead the charge. The local microbrewery has really taken off, with quite a few local brews emerging as a result. In The City, you just ain’t kosher without a craft beer list.

And as Brewsvegas prepares to take over The City from Sunday March 23, My City Life hits it heavy and stout with Ross Kenrick from Capalaba based brewery Bacchus Brewing Co to find out why Brisbane’s beer palate has become so developed, what Brewsvegas means to us and why beer is the best thing since sliced bread.

beer is your friend – A hangover is brewing…

Then we were off to Murwillumbah to check out their new brewery – via those winding country roads. I quickly felt rather ill; my head in my hands and a decent hangover sweat going on. I stayed in the bus while everyone else went in to look at the new brewery. The Stone & Wood crew didn’t mind – in fact they were quite nice and kept checking on me. If anyone knows what it’s like to have a hangover, it’s people who work at a brewery.

BeerGraphs – But I Want It

And ever is it thus with beer! The availability of a particular beer in a particular market is subject to a complex set of relationships that starts at the brewery and ends with the consumer, typically with a fair number of brokers, distributors, importers and retailers in between. If you’re ever denied a rare product at your local bottle shop, you may ask yourself, “Why? Why not? Why me?” Decent bet that there’s a complicated and ultimately boring answer to that question.

Fusion – How Do Craft Beer Collectors Calculate the Value of their Beer?

“The biggest of these is hype. This can be generated by what the beer geeks call ‘homers,’ or people who live near a particular brewery,” says Simpson. “And they get together and say, ‘This is the best beer ever, and we want it to be popular!’ Sometimes it actually works.”

But things change as the market grows, he notes. A few years ago if you were able to get your hands on Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing, for example, you would be considered a rock star. “People would do anything for it… [But] now they’re everywhere, they’re sort of ubiquitous. For that reason, it kind of loses that appeal,” explains Simpson.

Tasting Nitch – Is this Gallia Paris?

Brewed in Paris from 1890 until 1968, Parisians lost a great brand when Gallia closed it’s doors. Winning a gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1900, Gallia Paris was fully in control of the city’s beer scene with a brewery in the 14th arrondissement that was the largest in the capital.

Today, reborn by two entrepreneur enthusiasts and backed by the original brewer’s family, Gallia Paris is making a move from universal basic beer to micro-brewing.

Pete Brown – Guinness back to what it does best

Ah, St Patrick’s Day: guaranteed to drive some angsty beer geeks to ask why everyone insists on drinking Guinness when there are so many superior stouts available, and explain to their friends that it’s not really an Irish beer at all because it was derived from London’s porter tradition, so really the whole of Paddy’s Day is a sham, and anyway it’s an Irish festival and we’re not Irish so why are we celebrating this one instead of celebrating with real ale on St Georges Day?

Pizni Filosof – A View from the Notch

I assume it wasn’t the only one, what were the other factors that eventually made to quit the BA?
Mostly that I’m a small brewer who watches every penny and the yearly dues I paid could be best spent elsewhere. It really just came down to that – was I getting value for my money, and I decided that I wasn’t. It’s not a “statement” or a message but a financial decision. I thought buying coasters for my draft accounts would be a better use of that cash.

Other highlights:

Anything I missed?


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