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MR | Second Edition, July 2014

220px-Arcade_Fire_-_The_SuburbsLast week on Drunken Speculation, ammo posted a recipe for beer and stout pie, which was perfectly timed, considering the cold weather.

My wisdom tooth extraction last week went fine, thanks for asking. As a result, I’ve been taking a little break from drinking which is going to continue until Ekim’s Sniff & Sip this Thursday.

So Beer of the Week responsibilities fall to ammo. I’ve no doubt she would select the Erdinger Urwiesse. That’s four-and-a-half stars worth of beer and given Deutschland are possibly World Champions by the time this gets published, it seems appropriate.

To the Tweet of the Week!

Well if I ever get to make another beer, that’s got to be on the list.

To the best from last week:

Boak & Bailey’s Beer Blog – On Judging

The toughest part, arguably, is completing feedback forms for each beer. If the comments aren’t honest, then what’s the point? But if they’re too blunt, then they might be discouraging, and the LAB don’t want to put people off brewing or competing in future. Generally, it was possible to say, even where a beer scored poorly, that it was a problem with ‘trueness to style’ rather than poor brewing technique. There was, however, no nice way to say, “This beer made me retch and forced me to spit it into a bucket.”

Australian Brews News – Live Stream Beer Tasting

Taking this idea, Beer Cartel is collaborating with Flat Rock Brew Café and Riverside Brewing Co to create a tasting event with a twist. Instead of consumers having to visit a specific location to attend the event, the tasting will instead be broadcast live over the internet, with the beers pre-ordered online through Beer Cartel, allowing patrons to take part in the tasting from the comfort of their own home…

It will utilise Beer Cartel’s website and relationship with Australia Post to distribute beers across Australia to those wanting to take part in the event. A live video feed will be made available to participants so that they can taste and learn about the beers from Dave Padden.

I don’t make a habit of reading, let alone linking to, ABN copies of media releases but I want to see how this concept pans out.

Businessweek – The Slow, Watery Death of Light Beer in America

It’s no secret that big industrial beers like Budweiser are in terminal decline in the U.S. thanks to the growing sophistication of American drinkers. So perhaps it was inevitable that light beers from the same monolithic brewers might suffer the same fate sooner or later. It turns out to be sooner than one might think.

Here’s a statistic that will hearten beer snobs and unnerve high-ranking people at Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors. Domestic light beer sales in the U.S. will hit a 10-year low in 2015, according to a report in Shanken News Daily. Light beer sales fell by 3.5 percent, to 98.4 million barrels, in 2013, and the e-mail newsletter projects that sales will decline by an additional 4.9 million barrels by 2015.

Beervana – The Next Mass Market Beer: Saison?

But here’s the thing: he may very well have a point.

Saisons are one of the styles that might appeal to a broad audience, particularly saisons with relatively subdued esters and phenols.  He’s right in comparing the sensory terrain to witbier, the other style that has found a mass audience.  (The notion that mass market saisons should be made with brett and/or lactobacillus is another misfire–you can easily get “tart” from saison yeast itself.  In no possible universe does AB InBev start making a mass-market brett saison.)

Seeing the Lizards – Stranger in Town

I hesistate to call this the BrewDog type, but that is the most typical and famous of the breed. If you like good tasting beer, and are not put off by low temperatures and carbon dioxide then it’ll be wonderful. Probably best also to bear in mind that if you are over 35 you will likely be the oldest person in the building. If you’re averse to facial hair and flannel shirts then do not, I repeat do not go to these places. You will be scared.

girl + beer – girl + winter beers

I was invited to Perth’s RTRFM radio station last night to chat about winter beers during the Drivetime segment called ‘The Food Alternative’. It’s a weekly segment every Tuesday at 6pm that explores Perth’s great food and beverage scene. I had an absolute blast chatting about beers with Drivetime hosts Simon and Anth. In the lead up* to last night I had naturally been thinking a LOT about winter beers.

As much as the beer geek in me is screaming that stouts and porters are great drinking all year around not just winter, I cannot deny that my palate craves those darker brews more when the temperature drops. Like ballsy red wine, peaty scotch and roast dinner, the darker ales are just the ticket for a wintery night.

Chicago Tribune – Chicago brewery Moody Tongue to launch $120 black truffle beer

Asked to describe the beer, Rouben offered a slow, deliberate answer: “I get truffle, I get lightly toasted pilsner malt and clean lager yeast. I get almost a little hint of citrus, like a little hint of Meyer lemon.”

He paused.

“It’s complex,” he said. “How do you describe a truffle? What’s most important is that it changes. It’s an exciting beer. It seems like you’re a part of the evolution of the flavor and the aromatics.”

Compared to Jumping the Shark, it doesn’t sound like $120 worth of beer. No doubt it will sell well, get an average of 4-stars on Untappd and be a beer that I would likely loathe.

Tampa Tribune – Cigar City beer to sail with Carnival

Cigar City Brewing is taking its craft beers to a new level — sea level, that is, signing an exclusive agreement to serve its specialty brews on the 13 Florida-based Carnival Cruise Lines ships.

Carnival will begin serving Tampa-based Cigar City Brewing’s Florida Cracker Belgian-Style Ale and Invasion Pale Ale on the ships sailing from five Florida ports, beginning Sunday.

Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of Hunahpu Day. Or maybe we will and it’ll be hilarious on a boat.

Other highlights were:

And I forgot to post these last week (blame the impending surgery that didn’t end up being that big of a deal):

Anything I missed?

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