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Beer Bang for your Buck at Sniff n’ Sip: the Ekim sesh

Last Thursday I had the enviable pleasure of attending my very first Sniff & Sip session at the Brewhouse Brisbane in Woolloongabba. It was enviable for a great many reasons, but in particular because tickets at these do’s are limited and sell out quick sticks, and I was lucky (and organised enough) to nab one this time round. It quickly became apparent why it’s consistently a sell-out crowd at these things.

Graciously hosted by the lovely Cassie Potts, Thursday’s session showcased the brewing talents of brewer Mike “Ekim” Jorgensen of Sydney-based Ekim Brewing who’d flown up for the occasion (and, if the stories are to be believed, to check out the entire Brisbane beer scene in three days). Together Mike and Cassie – hostess with the mostest as well as Ekim’s Operations Manager – showcased their ale acumen and the story behind the beers and brewery.

ChickenShankFirst up it was smoked chicken shank on a pickled vegetable salad paired with Ekim’s 2014 GABS offering, Slammer – a tequila-spiked pale ale weighing in at around 6% ABV. Its agave flavours and fresh Sorachi hops-inspired zestiness helping to penetrate the robust smokiness of the chicken, all the while tying together the pickled elements with the rest of the dish.

SalmonAfterBattleSoon after we were served up beer and dish number two: Ekim’s After Battle Pale Ale with passionfruit cured Atlantic salmon on braised fennel and kibble sourdough with a dill dressing. I skipped out on the salmon but Liam assures me it went down a treat as was the After Battle with its intense passionfruit and citrus highlights.

EyeFilletLionNext it was onto something a bit heavier with the Berserker Amber IPA served with a smoked eye fillet lion… erm, I mean, skewer. (In-house joke if you were there on the night.) Again, both superb.

DeerSkausePorterOnto the main main main course now and served with The Vinlander, a 6% American-style porter, was deer and porter skause on horseradish mash, parsnip crisps and accompanied by an absolutely divine (I’m talking made by the food gods themselves) blueberry and mustard chutney. A genius marriage of beer and food as well as of flavours and textures.

AnzacBicciesPlusEnter the final brew for the night, the HEL Black IPA, served with poached fruit, Anzac-styled biscuit, fresh strawberries and cream. A decadent dish with a decadent, intriguing brew.

Having consumed five delectable Ekim Beers and five equally-outstanding food courses for the bargain price of $50 per head, we left not only feeling satiated and content but feeling like we’d just gotten away with a bargain. I highly recommend.

For dates and info on future Sniff & Sip Sessions follow the Brewhouse Brisbane Facebook page.

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