Look, I’m down with the kids. I’m all about the soc-med, which is what people of my generation call things that I don’t quite understand but feel I should, like Snapchat. Irrespective, I have several social media accounts through which you can interact with your favourite blogger:


Untappd is where like-minded individuals can share what they drink in an ongoing game of beer geek one-up-manship. The whole point is to attain as many badges as possible with the most prestigious being the badges for 100, 200, 500 and 1000 unique beers drunk. Untappd contributes to the gamification of beer, which is a bad thing because drinking beer is serious business.

You can follow Liam’s ongoing and, quite frankly, disgusting trawl through the never-ending supply of new beers.


Facebook is how your mum and that creepy kid that you went to school with keep tabs on you and the embarrassing stuff you did while drunk five years ago. With well over a billion users, geeks love to declare that Facebook is dead, if not on a daily basis, then close enough to make Wired readers gouge their eyes out.

Death or no, you can like Drunken Speculation there.


Instagram is where you post photographs to make complete strangers jealous of how awesome you are. Instagram has three rules:

  1. Don’t bother putting a joke in the caption: no one cares.
  2. Never post a picture of anything that might show you in a bad light unless you expect it to engender sympathetic likes.
  3. A ridiculously long hash tag that no one ever has or will use is superior to a sentence which contains the same words in the same order.

Drunken Speculation can be found on Instagram here.

I may have deleted the Instagram account and by “may have”, I mean “did”.


Twitter is a dystopian science-fiction future where all communication has been reduced to 140 characters at a time. Except that it’s real and happening now.

“Wait,” you interject, “Is this a roundabout way of saying that you have a Twitter account that I should follow?”

Yes and you can follow me now!


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